Offer it up

As I discussed yesterday, I have a difficult time doing small, ordinary things that don’t involve a larger picture. This curse applies not only to doing little things for other people, but it also carries over to my cultural pursuits. For example, I wasn’t satisfied with simply rereading Gatsby, so I decided to tackle all … Continue reading

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Walker Percy and place

Yesterday was the birthday of Walker Percy, this journal’s philosophical patron. As a southerner, I share a number of sensibilities with the good doctor. We share a particular national and worldview because we observe these other places from the American South, a region occasionally excluded from the greater national imagination, often by its own insistence. … Continue reading

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This Side of Paradise and a rushed response to Texas cheerleaders

I enjoyed rereading The Great Gatsby so much (see here, here, and here) that I decided to go through Fitzgerald’s entire corpus of novels, none of which I’ve read other than Gatsby. I thought studying his works in chronological order made as much sense as any, so I started with This Side of Paradise. Fitzgerald’s … Continue reading