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Walker Percy and place

Yesterday was the birthday of Walker Percy, this journal’s philosophical patron. As a southerner, I share a number of sensibilities with the good doctor. We share a particular national and worldview because we observe these other places from the American South, a region occasionally excluded from the greater national imagination, often by its own insistence. … Continue reading

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Book burning has religious foundations

The Huffington Post is currently running a short piece and slideshow: Book Burning In History: Martin Luther To Harry Potter. The byline is somewhat misleading since the print below it focuses on, arguably, the most famous book burning incident in history–Berlin’s Opernplatz in 1933, when 40,000 Germans assembled to carry out a book-burning demonstration by torching the works … Continue reading


Pagan mercy

The mortal remains of Tamerlan Tsarnaev continue to attract press and media coverage ever since a number of voices around the Cambridge community and the greater Commonwealth of Massachusetts area had openly resisted the burial of Tsarnaev’s corpse. Since these protests, Tsarnaev’s corpse has been deposited in a Muslim cemetery in rural Virginia following the … Continue reading