The Wayfaring is a journal dedicated to what Walker Percy calls the “passionate quest in which the incident serves as a thread in the labyrinth to be followed at any cost.”

He continues, “The psychical forces presently released in the postmodern consciousness open unlimited possibilities for both destruction and liberation, for an absolute loneliness or a rediscovery of community and reconciliation. The subject of the postmodern novel is a man who has very nearly come to the end of the line… he runs out of meaning…the need of recovering oneself as neither an angel nor organism but as a wayfaring creature somewhere between. (The Message in the Bottle)

Win Bassett, C.H. McCants


The Wayfaring accepts previously unpublished nonfiction, review, and commentary pieces (800-1200 words) that follow our commitment to rediscover “community and reconciliation” by walking, with an analytical lens, in the “somewhere between” of culture. We also accept poems that portray the labyrinth we call life.

To provide and to foster a myriad of these lenses, we’re seeking submissions from all walks of life.

After you become familiar with our intentions, content, and style, send us a pitch (100-250 words) with an outline of your idea. Include a brief biography and relevant writing samples or a link to clips. Send a proposal in the text of an email.

You can also send us a completed work, but keep in mind that the submission may require more substantive editing and framing. Email submissions, including poems, as Word attachments that include a title, a word count, and a brief biography of no more than 50 words.

The Wayfaring retains first publication rights for three months from publication date, after which we may permit reprints with written permission.

Send all proposals and submissions to winbassett [AT] gmail [DOT] com or mccantsc [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

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